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Green UV Offset


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Green UV Offset

Green UV Offset

Grafiche Antiga ups its commitment to environmental sustainability with a customized printing methodology called GREEN UV.

Grafiche Antiga's calendar 2016

Grafiche Antiga's calendar 2016

It is a blaze of squares, spades and flowers, but over all of hearts!


For the month of February Grafiche Antiga's calendar 2016 uses a Diamond White Paper 160g and prints 2-color Pantone Offset

(Drip off UV offset gloss-matt effect).

Grafiche Antiga’s Calendar for 2016

Grafiche Antiga’s Calendar for 2016

Grafiche Antiga’s Calendar for 2016 has a passion for the ‘Mandala’, the ancient kaleidoscopic diagram where the eye is freed for an enchanted enjoyment.

Halfway between game and knowledge, the Mandala becomes a metaphor of complexity and beauty. 


Hot foil printing in polished silver features for the month of January.


Happy New Year everyone!

About us

We have remained true to our origins without forsaking the chance to move into the future.
We have maintained a strong connection with
the region while at the same time seizing the opportunities offered by the internationalisation of markets. We have combined state of the art technology with an attention to details that denotes craftsmanship. These are some of the challenges that the Antiga brothers have faced
in forty years of activity, with a business approach
that has distinguished itself over time and contributed to creating a leading company.

By choosing to invest in innovation and experimentation we have never shifted our attention from the most important factor: human capital.
In fact, it is thanks to the people, a team that currently consists of over 200 employees, that
we have succeeded in reaching a peak position
in high quality printing. 
We have believed in the quality of work, the human factor and environmental sustainability; thanks to important investments
in photovoltaic systems we have become a green certified company. We think that expansion
can be achieved without losing sight of our original

objective: excellence as a combination
of creativity and expertise. This is what “made
in Italy” means for us.


We have never considered respect for the territory, research and technological innovation
to be incompatible values.
And time has proved us right.


Quality starts with high technology applied 

to colour, in a winning combination of digital science and the experience gained by our technicians. High alignment and stochastic screening enable optimal results in terms 

of colour and the highest quality and depth 

of images; these processes are particularly valuable in the printing of catalogues 
and sample sets of precious materials. With respect for the environment and optimising costs and processes, thanks to our investments in technology.


High quality printing is our passion.
Our structure has the capacity to print up to 10 colours in-line and to deal with orders of any size. The same commitment, experience and technology are involved for every product we create. This is why every year
we successfully complete over 13,000 orders.


Grafiche Antiga has its own bookbinding department to deal directly with an activity that many companies outsource.
This allows us to save a considerable amount
of time during production and a strict quality control from the start to the end of the production cycle. The best equipment, both
standard and made to measure for our own needs, allows us to turn any project into reality, even with very specific technical requirements.

Paper converting

Attention to detail, valuable and innovative materials, exclusive solutions and designs. In addition
to flexibility, experimentation and motivated creativity. These characteristics 
make our paper converting division an outstanding partner for freelance designers, agencies and in-house divisions alike. Thanks
to its dedicated packaging team, Grafiche Antiga
is in fact a leader in the creation of surprising, inventive packaging: tailor-made solutions are essential to emerge in a complex, globalised market.


Logistics, distribution and storage in air-conditioned warehouses: these are some of the services provided by Grafiche
Antiga, with the same care and professionalism it devotes to all its activities. Technologically innovative product handling
is complemented by our tested picking and worldwide shipping service. Our advanced shipment management system makes it possible to access the databases of our customers and monitor the consignment to the end user, gathering several orders in a single shipment.

Digital printing on large formats

Digital printing on large formats allows communication of any size or shape. New, surprising opportunities involve new materials, technologies, unthinkable solutions before. We are able to meet requests for bespoke products, even
in very small quantities, and in house, with a superb visual impact.

Photography and 3D Rendering

Grafiche Antiga provides services of virtual photography of outstanding quality. Products which do not 
yet exist can be made real or “rendered” into pure emotion, with
a perfect result 
in terms of luminosity and colour.
Our state-of-the-art technologies are complemented
by photographers who are expert in the field of interior furnishings and virtual 3D imaging, in line with the latest trends in the
furnishing industry.


Grafiche Antiga can take care of all the stages involved in publishing a book, from the initial concept 
to distribution, with the support of its own editing and design department that offers long-standing experience and professionalism. We can integrate traditional printing techniques with e-Publishing, providing services ranging from paper printing to the most advanced digital products.

Our publishing houses: Antiga Edizioni (specialised in art and photography), Terra Ferma, with a wide range of publications (food and wine, art, photography) and Panorama (mountain itineraries, tour guides, tourist attractions).

Antiga Edizioni

Antiga Edizioni is the publishing house 
of Grafiche Antiga. Its catalogue feature important art monographs and photography books distinguished by refined formats and
highly accurate reproductions that connote outstanding quality of its publications.


The services provided by Grafiche Antiga stand out due
to the fact that they are geared to the specific needs
of each project. They are based on the latest technology available and designed to meet specific criteria in terms
of quality and usability, in order to guarantee the best possible user experience. The Multimedia division plans new ad hoc solutions to enhance products and services, taking full advantage of the characteristics and the potential of digital media.

Native digital publication for iPad.

Fully usable on: Tablet

Native digital publication for iPad is a product created especially for this device. It is distributed on appStore it can be downloaded by potential customers on their tablets and
it is the result of an advanced layout system which can
be used offline, which means it can be visualised without the need to connect to Internet. The layout possibilities
of contents are without bounds: images and videos in HD, animated elements and advanced interfaces to put your product at the centre of attention.

Business cards and “smart” prints!

“Talking” business cards: by placing them near a mobile phone, a detailed chart is displayed with the personal data. Invitations: by placing them near a mobile phone,
a presentation of the event is displayed with full details.
Multimedia brochures: by placing them near a mobile phone, the complete range of products illustrated in the brochure
is displayed, with the possibility to contact the company.

Digital Catalogue (ePub format)
Fully supported devices:
Tablet / Smartphone / E-reader

If you’re aiming for a moderately interactive yet easily distributable product, then the simplest solution is a digitally optimised catalogue for iPad. It is, after all, very easy
to distribute instruments like this through links on your own website, via email, or even by publishing on Apple’s bookstore. As an element linked to a hardcopy publication,
it can be considered an offline multimedia product reflecting the original contents, but enriched with audio, video, and dynamic image galleries.

Browsable catalogue

Fully usable on: computer/iPad

A browsable catalogue with exactly the same layout as the printed catalogue can be browsed at the touch of a finger.
This product can be used on various storage devices (cd, dvd
and memory sticks) and on all the main online devices, with the advantage of adapting itself for use on either a tablet,
a smartphone 
or a computer screen. In addition to large-scale accessibility, the browsable format is visually appealing
because it can be browsed through just like a printed product.

DanteMoro.jpg AnnuarioTrentino.jpg Bon-Appetit.jpg Articolo9.jpg ristorantidellamodernita.jpg AETHIOPIA.jpg DIA.jpg

Web platform based on CMS

Fully usable on: computer/iPad

A web platform which can be used to create any type of website and Internet portal. The functions are designed according to the needs of the customer: autonomous content management, automatic publication of news, integrated document management system, simplified creation of product catalogues and much more.


Every year TIPOTECA ITALIANA hosts famous designers and printers from all over the world, who run workshops throughout the year and create design products using original, perfectly restored, printing presses.
Reviving the culture of Italian design through
a continuous exchange is a fundamental part
of the strategic vision of Grafiche Antiga.

Tipoteca Italiana houses a new exhibition hall and a special space. Tipoteca Auditorium, 150 seats, with the adjoining restaurant "le Corderie", is the performing stage for cultural events. 



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