Nurturing a forward-looking vision while staying true to one’s origins. Retaining strong bonds with the territory while exploiting the opportunities offered by the internationalisation of markets. Merging cutting-edge technology and a distinctly artisan-like attention to details. These are but some of the challenges faced by the Antiga brothers in 50 years of business. This entrepreneurial reality has carved out a leading position over the years thanks to successful decision-making.

One such example is the choice to invest in innovation and experimentation which, nevertheless, has never diverted the company’s focus from the primary factor: human capital. Thanks to a team of over 200 collaborators, the company has scaled the ranks of high-quality printing. The preference accorded to fine workmanship, the human dimension and environmental sustainability – involving significant investments in photovoltaic energy – makes Grafiche Antiga a certified green company.

Growth is pursued without losing sight of the original ambition: that of producing excellence by blending creativity and know-how – an ideal synthesis of the “Made in Italy” approach.