The emotional impact of photography books



There is no visual discipline more popular than photography: anyone can express their idea or vision of real or imaginary worlds through the language of photography.Photography documents. Photography narrates. Everyone, thanks to photography, can observe and study the world even without physically walking through it.Photography…continue reading

Color as beauty



I Colori della Vita is the title of the exhibition inaugurated by Marco Goldin – on October 10th in Padua, at the Centro San Gaetano and dedicated to one of the most beloved painters of all time: Vincent Van Gogh. Almost one hundred artworks are displayed, 82…continue reading

From marketing tools to experiences to live



Grafiche Antiga is embraced by the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but it is enough to cross the regional borders to find yourself immersed in territories that have always been suited to prestigious wine production. If on the…continue reading

Design meets Letterpress



In the world of design there is a renewed interest in the quality of printed matters. It is true that the digital revolution led to the extinction of some printed ephemera or products­ – like stationery, travel tickets, posters – but how can we motivate…continue reading

Green is beautiful



The most trendy colour of the moment, green, is good for the planet! Once again, the most famous fashion houses and the big names of the fashion world are powerful ambassadors of the most relevant themes in terms of environmental protection. The appeal for responsible…continue reading