Our keyword of the month is #refresh: English verb that means to update, to recharge, to restyle something. In fact, it is in this period of the year that we get ready for something new that is coming! #GraficheAntiga_2018Calendar  continue reading

2019 Color Trends



Here are the first three palettes published by the unquestioned color leader Pantone: Cravings, composed by red, orange and purple, with oriental tones; Classic, with traditional and timeless nuances like White Swan, Bordeaux red, Black Caviar and Gold; Meanderings, a metropolitan palette, whose colors tell…continue reading

Fifty years of story / 2



“At the very beginning of this story there was a workshop with equipment and machines that accompanied the artisans in their work; all had personalities and distinctive voices, and required both attention and skills, guaranteeing flawless products in exchange.  Over the years, new processes and…continue reading

Fifty years of story / 1



“A good book is like a landmark that we can refer to in space and time. And those who print books every day and are familiar with this craft are well aware that books represent the best way of committing a story to paper.” (Lucio…continue reading

Guglielmo Talamini



The true lovers of the Dolomites and the foothills of the Treviso province can’t miss the landscapes that have made reknown all over Europe Guglielmo Talamini, one of the most eclectic artists of the past century. Despite his shyness and calm, the artist born in…continue reading