Salce Collection



The Museo Collezione Salce is the first national museum of Italy dedicated to advertising posters, like the Musée des Arts Décoratives of Paris. It was recently inaugurated in Treviso, in the presence of the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, and the Chief Executive of National Museums, Ugo Soragni.
The collection holds more than 25,000 posters from Art Nouveau until 1960s and represents the largest collection in Europe of posters. The opening exhibition, La Belle Epoque, displays some masterpieces of late 19th century.
This first exhibition is part of cycle called “Illustri persuasioni. Capolavori pubblicitari dalla Collezione Salce” (Impressive Persuasions. Advertising masterpieces from the Collezione Salce). The exhibition catalogue is printed by Grafiche Antiga.