Adobe in Tipoteca: the Italian typographic character created sets the trend



The renowned international software developer Adobe has chosen Tipoteca Italiana, a private foundation supported by Grafiche Antiga, as part of its Adobe's Createfulness project. After the extraordinary edition devoted to the Bauhaus character and leading to the digitization of five characters from the Dessau School…continue reading




«I take pleasure in highlighting the quality of our typography by Grafiche Antiga​ who, with their state-of-the-art technology, are proudly eco-friendly. Take, for instance, the fact that they print Shot Magazine​ by using the energy produced from 10,000 square meters of solar panels, or that…continue reading




Our keyword of the month is #refresh: English verb that means to update, to recharge, to restyle something. In fact, it is in this period of the year that we get ready for something new that is coming! #GraficheAntiga_2018Calendar  continue reading

2019 Color Trends



Here are the first three palettes published by the unquestioned color leader Pantone: Cravings, composed by red, orange and purple, with oriental tones; Classic, with traditional and timeless nuances like White Swan, Bordeaux red, Black Caviar and Gold; Meanderings, a metropolitan palette, whose colors tell…continue reading

Fifty years of story / 2



“At the very beginning of this story there was a workshop with equipment and machines that accompanied the artisans in their work; all had personalities and distinctive voices, and required both attention and skills, guaranteeing flawless products in exchange.  Over the years, new processes and…continue reading