Antiga Calendar: “Mediterranean, the Breath of the Sea”.



We are at the threshold of the New Year: the appointment is reconfirmed with the Antiga Calendar, which, for 2024, bears the title “Mediterranean, the Breath of the Sea”.

The visual story of the calendar – a tangible example of our dedication to quality

print quality and attractive design – is entrusted to twelve photographs by Giò Martorana, masterfully printed using the Power Black Print technique developed by Grafiche Antiga’s Research & Development department.

Each shot reveals a story, “stings” the imagination and opens up to beauty.

The Mediterranean, far from being a mere geographical expression, a place whose borders are poised between East and West, becomes a vibrant weave of cultures, traditions, languages and flavours. The sea is thus a metaphor for a gaze that meets no obstacles, a space of freedom and breath. We wish you and your families moments filled with serenity and that 2024 brings with it opportunities, satisfaction and a continuous flow of beauty.