From marketing tools to experiences to live



Grafiche Antiga is embraced by the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but it is enough to cross the regional borders to find yourself immersed in territories that have always been suited to prestigious wine production.

If on the one hand wine is space, history, art, on the other Grafiche Antiga is the partner capable of giving shape to a whole series of products: cases or folding-boxes, singles, bipack or tripack and gift packs.

The choice of paper or other material, chromatic effects, type of closure is decisive: the box does not only perform the function of containing and safeguarding the product from knocks or light but is an object able to establish a long time emotional bond.

Based on the projects of graphic design studios or internal design, Grafiche Antiga can customize the packages with multiplicity of ennobling to offer multisensory experiences and 3D effect:

hot stamping

cold rolling

embossing and debossing

varnish and screen printing processes

In order to respond, moreover, to the ever stronger request to use usomano and touch papers for publishing and books creations, catalogs, company profiles and monographs, Grafiche Antiga has conceived and patented, alternatively and with equivalent result of UV technique, the printing process Premium Color Print.

Not to mention that in name of even more craftmanship and exclusivity, Grafiche Antiga can count on the mastery of its working-museum Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, where it is possible to use original lead and wood typefaces using the letterpress technique.

This is how an object such as the box, the business card, the necklace, the brochure or an important volume, from communication and marketing tools become an experience to live.

Grafiche Antiga with its sales network is at your disposal to offer you advice and support in the realization of your projects.