Color as beauty



I Colori della Vita is the title of the exhibition inaugurated by Marco Goldin – on October 10th in Padua, at the Centro San Gaetano and dedicated to one of the most beloved painters of all time: Vincent Van Gogh. Almost one hundred artworks are displayed, 82 of which are among Van Gogh’s drawings and paintings, and others of Gauguin, Seurat, Signac, Millet, Hiroshige, Eisen. 

The title of the exhibition evokes color as an expression of life. It is well known that Vincent did not consider the chromatic research merely as a technical issue. Color had an evocative power, an emotional value and a symbolic meaning. Just like Delacroix used to say, lucky is the artist who’s able to add the expression of the sentiment to optical beauty, and there is no doubt that in Van Gogh’s artworks this “vibration” is conveyed through the free use of colors, their incomparable intensity and saturation, the vigorous brushstrokes.

The choice made by Linea d’Ombra to entrust the realization of the official catalog of the exhibition to our printing department – source of both pride and responsibility – implies the necessity of reproducing on paper the same expressive value of the colors used by the dutch painter for the famous self-portraits, wheat fields, flowers and his friends’ portraits.

For our team of experts, the maximum accuracy of the print, in relation to the original paintings, is the highest form of respect of the tight connection between life and art that distinguished Vincent Van Gogh’s existence. A respect that makes that true symphony of colors a celebration of that beauty and available to every art enthusiast.